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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Team Fauna

As mentioned in my previous post, the second team in the generation will be 'Team Fauna', a team dedicated to giving them a higher standing in the Pokemon community.

Team Fauna's leader, Arthur (meaning bear-man), was walking to school one day when he encountered some bullies in a crowd of people. He was an unpopular child, very weak and intelligent for his age. He did not have any Pokemon of his own for whatever reason. The bullies had a plnat-like Pokemon pull down his pants. I'm thinking it was like an Ivysaur or something, using its long vines to pull his pants down. Anyway, he was very upset, and ran away. An animal-like Pokemon, probably a Poochyena or some other dog-like Pokemon, came up to comfort him. He developed a hate for plant-like Pokemon and a love for animal-like Pokemon. I'm thinking that Ivy and Arthur were friends before these incidents, but not anymore. This could help in the end, and have some good character to it.

Again, Arthur fought for animal-like Pokemon’s rights in court, but was denied. He then went on to find out about the ‘Life Force’, and the same basic thing happens. In the end, I have a feeling that Ivy and Arthur make up and become friends again.

That is the basic gist of it, and I will have a list of Pokemon for each team and a explanation of the Pokedex in this setting.


  1. This is good, I like this alot. The childhod friend thing is good. It will add alot to the plot. Maybe one of them moved away for a year, that is when the events happened. When they were reunited they were forced to end there friendship.

  2. I don't know about the moving away--they could be neighbors but go to different schools.

  3. That could work. It could have also been a long vacation.