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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Pokemon: Team Edition

I, along with many fans, would love to play as the bad guy. Just once. Think about it.

You would go along, working your way up the ranks doing evil deeds. In my mind, there would be 'quality' and 'length' aspects of your evil deeds. The better quality of the deeds, the more 'points' you get towards a promotion. The longer it takes, the less points. When you reach a certain amount of points, you will be promoted once you talk to a higher-up member.

There would also be another set of 'points', these not being 'promotion' points, but sort of like a cash that goes along with it. It could be PokeDollar, I don't really care. It would be cooler if there was a scrip, though. You could buy new Pokemon and Items with this currency, sort of like the Lottery Corner. In fact, when you get PokeDollar, you could turn it in there for scrip.

As you work your way up, the deeds become more like jobs and have increasing difficulty and magnitude. So, say you started out as a Grunt with a Team who wanted to take over the Elite Four. You would work on small things, say, gathering information from peoplle, and then report back. If your work is satisfactory, you will be promoted and will work on getting parts for a something-or-other. Then you will be promoted again. You will eventually have to battle each Gym Leader or something to get the Badges to power the something-or-other, just so Pokemon can have their fun with the storyline. But the something-or-other fails, and you will have to go in and defeat the Elite Four yourself. The jobs increase in difficulty, demanding stronger Pokemon.

The natural argument against this is "Isn't that a little harsh for Pokemon?" Not really. You could turn out to be a good guy acting the bad guy as a spy--little kids would gobble that up. Then the game would show truth, courage and justice, which is what parents want to teach their kids in a video game. And, as far as I'm concerned, there have been some pretty evil bad guys in Pokemon.

So, Pokemon: Team Whatever Edition is possible, but highly unlikely. Why? Because until sales plummet, Pokemon will still put out new games with the same basic stuff. And until they stop putting out games, I'll keep buying them.

1 comment:

  1. That sounds cool, I would surely enjoy playing as a Team Magma grunt. For them the starter would be a Numel, Poochenna and a Zubat.

    They could make it like a whole back story of Ruby (or what ever game has the alternative willian) an you would find out "What would it be like if Team Magma won..."

    Even if It wasn't Team Magma I would still play it (Like if it was Team Rocket it would be fun to try to catch Mewtwo).