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Wednesday, September 2, 2009


So, yeah. School has too much homework for me to post often, so I have a feeling this will be in misuse until further notice.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

School Starting

YAY! School starts soon! (I'm not being sarcastic.) So I decided to make a small update, as I haven't it a day.

I've actually started the game. I know, it's a shocker. Anywho, I am working on coding the first room where you get your Pokemon. I have a feeling it will take a while, seeing as I don't exactly know how. (I only know how to make maps.)

I'll have screenshots up soon.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Catching Pokemon?

Due to the Pokedex restraints in these games, it is obvious that you will not be able to catch Pokemon in the wild. (By wild I mean in their natural habitat.) However, you will be able to catch Pokemon.

By completing missions, you will get Team Scrip to be spent at a Team Mart on items and Pokeballs. (You will get a lot of this Scrip, or you can exchange PokeDollar for it.) You can then go to an indoor wild area, similar to the Safari Zone, and catch Pokemon. (You can go there anyway to fight and train.) As you are promoted, you will be able to access more areas with a raised monorail or something.

Yeah, that's the gist of it. After you finish the main storyline you will be able to catch Pokemon in the 'real' wild.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Pokemon Government

As stated before, the Pokemon government is rather biased, or at least canniving. They fight against the teams because they fought against something in a court of law, and then created a ruckus. They give out false information to the media and stir up a sense of fear and hatred within the Pokemon community.

Their law enforcement agency is the PCI, or Pokemon Crime Investigation. They are very stereotypical--buff, all in black and very serious looking. Yeah, because I'm that creative.

These guys have some enforcer Pokemon. You know, Growlithe, Squirtle, Gligar, Wobbuffet, Jumpluff, Gastly, Pidgeot, Stunky etc. Maybe some darker looking Pokemon, like Absol or something.

So, yeah. These guys will get in the way a lot in the game if there will ever be one, and stuff like that.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Sorry, but...

I have writers block. I have no idea what I should post. Maybe it's going back to school that did it.

Yeah, tomorrow I will post again, if not tonight.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Start of Game

As I have no ideas for the Team Fauna Suit Design*, I will get right to the start of game.

You have just been recruited for Team ----- and are about to be sent off to get a debriefing. However, just as you are going in the hall with your group, you hear a beeping from the wall. There is a bomb going off inside, and it explodes. You run for cover with another grunt, who will be your rival. You are told that you should run to the Pokemon storage area, a luscious area where this team's Pokemon are kept. You take a Pokemon, and your rival takes a different one. Just then, a two Rookie Agents come in to attack you and your rival and, in their minds, save the Pokemon from harm. (The Government has been feeding the public lies about the operations in Team -----, saying that the Pokemon are being tortured/mistreated.) You fight them off with your Pokemon, and are assigned to a different base afterwards.

Yeah, that's about it. What Pokemon? No idea. Something related to your team, I suppose. (eg. Fauna: Poochyena, Sentret, Bidoof?)

*Not entirely true--I feel like they should have hoods.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Team Flora Suit Design

So, each Team suit has had certain guidelines that they need to follow: they need to have black, the suit needs to be tight-ish, and they need to have a brightish color. (eg. Yellow for Rocket.) Well, following these guidelines, I have composed a suit for Flora. Now, I don't have a sprite yet, and may not have one at all. If somebody would like to come forward and sprite it for me, that would be great.

The Team Flora suit would have a green theme, if you hadn't guessed. For both male and female, they would have a green under armorish texture that goes all the way down to just below the thumb knuckles. This may transform into a vine-ish design, I'm not sure. Then there would be a black Park Ranger kind of vest with a high collar for the boys and a shorter vest that ends with the rib bones for the girls. The pants would have lots of pockets, would come down to the ankles, and be forest green. The shoes would be black, I suppose. Just make them suttle.

So, yeah. That's about it. Hair color would be regular, I suppose. Nothing really fancy.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Team Fauna Pokemon

Team Fauna Pokemon-
1. Charmander
2. Charmeleon
3. Charizard
4. Rattata
5. Raticate
6. Pikachu
7. Raichu
8. Clefairy
9. Clefable
10. Vulpix
11. Ninetales
12. Jigglypuff
13. Wigglytuff
14. Meowth
15. Persian
16. Mankey
17. Primeape
18. Growlithe
19. Arcanine
20. Machop
21. Machoke
22. Machamp
23. Ponyta
24. Rapidash
25. Chansey
26. Kangaskhan
27. Tauros
28. Eevee*
29. Vaporeon*
30. Jolteon*
31. Flareon*
32. Snorlax
33. Cyndaquil
34. Quilava
35. Typhlosion
36. Sentret
37. Furret
38. Pichu
39. Cleffa
40. Igglybuff
41. Togepi
42. Togetic
43. Mareep
44. Flaaffy
45. Ampharos
46. Aipom
47. Espeon*
48. Snubbull
49. Granbull
50. Sneasel
51. Teddiursa
52. Ursaring
53. Houndour
54. Houndoom
55. Stantler
56. Smeargle
57. Miltank
58. Blissey
59. Raikou*
60. Entei*
61. Suicune*
62. Torchic
63. Combusken
64. Blaziken
65. Poochyena
66. Mightyena
67. Zigzagoon
68. Linoone
69. Ralts?
70. Kirlia?
71. Gardevoir?
72. Slakoth
73. Vigoroth
74. Slaking
75. Whismur
76. Loudred
77. Exploud
78. Skitty
79. Delcatty
80. Electrike
81. Manectric
82. Plusle
83. Minun
84. Spoink
85. Grumpig
86. Spinda
87. Zangoose
88. Castform*
89. Jirachi*
90. Chimchar
91. Monferno
92. Infernape
93. Bidoof
94. Bibarel
95. Shinx
96. Luxio
97. Luxray
98. Ambipom
99. Buneary
100. Lopunny
101. Glameow
102. Purugly
103. Stunky
104. Skuntank
105. Happiny
106. Munchlax
107. Riolu?
108. Lucario?
109. Weavile
110. Leafeon*
111. Glaceon*
112. Rotom*
113. Uxie*
114. Mesprit*
115. Azelf*
116. Shaymin*

I think it comes to about the same when you add in the asterisks.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Back in a Week

Going on vacation. So you all just sit tight, activity will be back again soon.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Um... Too Many?

So, I've been having some trouble with the Team Fauna Pokemon. I'm thinking I should just go for the 'mammals' for this one. What do you think?

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Team Flora Pokemon

Team Flora Pokemon -
1. Bulbasaur
2. Ivysaur
3. Venusaur
4. Caterpie*
5. Metapod*
6. Butterfree*
7. Weedle*
8. Kakuna*
9. Beedrill*
10. Oddish
11. Gloom
12. Vileplume
13. Paras*
14. Parasect*
15. Venonat*
16. Venomoth*
17. Bellsprout
18. Weepinbell
19. Victreebel
20. Exeggcute
21. Exeggutor
22. Tangela
23. Scyther*
24. Chickorita*
25. Bayleef*
26. Meganium*
27. Ledyba*
28. Ledian*
29. Spinarak*
30. Ariados*
31. Bellossom
32. Sudowoodo
33. Hoppip
34. Skiploom
35. Jumpluff
36. Sunkern
37. Sunflora
38. Yanma*
39. Pineco
40. Forretress
41. Scizor*
42. Shuckle*
43. Heracross*
44. Celebi*
45. Treecko*
46. Grovyle*
47. Sceptile*
48. Wurmple*
49. Silcoon*
50. Beautifly*
51. Cascoon*
52. Dustox*
53. Lotad
54. Lombre
55. Ludicolo
56. Seedot
57. Nuzleaf
58. Shiftry
59. Surskit*
60. Masquerain*
61. Shroomish
62. Breloom
63. Volbeat*
64. Illumise*
65. Roselia
66. Cacnea
67. Cacturne
68. Lileep
69. Cradily
70. Anorith*
71. Armaldo*
72. Tropius*
73. Turtwig*
74. Grotle*
75. Torterra*
76. Kricketot*
77. Kricketune*
78. Budew
79. Roserade
80. Burmy
81. Wormadam
82. Mothim
83. Combee*
84. Vespiquen*
85. Cherubi
86. Cherrim
87. Bonsly
88. Skorupi*
89. Drapion*
90. Carnivine
91. Snover
92. Abomasnow
93. Tangrowth
94. Yanmega*
95. Leafeon*
96. Shaymin*
97. Pinsir* (I forgot him.)

You'll notice that I have asterisks next to some names. That means that they fall into both categories. I think that I should give those Pokemon to Flora, or they won't have any Pokemon. I think there should be some 'neutral' Pokemon that can fit on both sides so there can be around 150 for each. There needs to be the same number.

The way the Pokedex in these games will work is that you will recieve it and be told to record all the plant-like or animal-like Pokemon's data. Once the game is over you will have the complete Pokedex open.

Team Fauna

As mentioned in my previous post, the second team in the generation will be 'Team Fauna', a team dedicated to giving them a higher standing in the Pokemon community.

Team Fauna's leader, Arthur (meaning bear-man), was walking to school one day when he encountered some bullies in a crowd of people. He was an unpopular child, very weak and intelligent for his age. He did not have any Pokemon of his own for whatever reason. The bullies had a plnat-like Pokemon pull down his pants. I'm thinking it was like an Ivysaur or something, using its long vines to pull his pants down. Anyway, he was very upset, and ran away. An animal-like Pokemon, probably a Poochyena or some other dog-like Pokemon, came up to comfort him. He developed a hate for plant-like Pokemon and a love for animal-like Pokemon. I'm thinking that Ivy and Arthur were friends before these incidents, but not anymore. This could help in the end, and have some good character to it.

Again, Arthur fought for animal-like Pokemon’s rights in court, but was denied. He then went on to find out about the ‘Life Force’, and the same basic thing happens. In the end, I have a feeling that Ivy and Arthur make up and become friends again.

That is the basic gist of it, and I will have a list of Pokemon for each team and a explanation of the Pokedex in this setting.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Team Flora

I've decided to take the whole 'Team' idea a bit farther. I enjoy it immensely, and have recieved some positive comments on it.

The teams in Pokemon lack character. I'm not even sure what Team Rocket was trying to do, Teams Magma and Aqua had good intentions, but no back story and Team Galactic didn't even make sense. The Galactic Grunts didn't even know what the were doing! The key parts to making a good team is backstory. With a believable story, the rest is much easier.

My generation of teams are Flora and Fauna, serving plant-like Pokemon and animal-like Pokemon, respectively. There's a very easy backstory to these teams and their team leaders, but today we will discuss Team Flora.

Team Flora respects plant-like Pokemon and believes they serve a very important role in society both in the Pokemon and Human 'government'. The team leader, named something like Ivy, would believe this because of something in her childhood, as you would discover in some way or another. This something would most likely be along the lines of an animal-like Pokemon attacking her or a loved one, and a plant-like Pokemon successfully saving her. This lead to a bond with that and all plant-type Pokemon and a hate for animal-type Pokemon.

To make this a very reasonable team, instead of just some idiotic team that, instead of debating the ethics of making reservations strictly for plant-type Pokemon go around fighting, I have decided that they should have gone and argued before you joined, but were denied. Infuriated, Ivy did all the research she could on expansion of forests on a vast scale. She realized that there was a 'Life Force' or something that could be used to make things grow; but she also realized that the only way to get this vast energy at her disposal was to become Pokemon Champion. Having been shunned, she could not battle Gyms to face the Elite Four, so she gathered a group of followers and named them Team Flora.

You come in at about this time. She is waiting for the right person to come in to fight the Gyms. You are the one, so, in time, she promotes you and sends you on a mission to beat the Gyms and collect the Gym Badges. She is patient, knowing that you will not displease her. (That, or she knows you can just continue from where you last saved.) Throughout your journey, people , Team Fauna, for example, will be trying to stop you, but you will just fight them off. Once you complete your job of collecting the Gym Badges you are promoted, and told that you must challenge the Elite Four. You do so, become the Champion, and and now keeper of the 'Life Force'. Ivy then uses it to expand the forests, but realizes that she has thrown the ecosystem out of balance. She hastens to restore the status quo with the help of Team Fauna, and then the whole after-game stuff begins.

Until the after-game, you cannot catch animal-like Pokemon. You will be able to, with the support of Ivy after she finally realizes that all Pokemon must live as one.

Stay tuned for Team Fauna and other information!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

493 Pokemon?

493 is a lot of anything. To ask people to memorize 493 names, how they correlate with images and how those images match up with other images is rather outlandish, yet it is being done, and nobody seems to be bothered.

GameFreak has been coming out with one generation every four years with about 125 Pokemon each generation. These Pokemon evolve into new Pokemon, previously created Pokemon or neither. They also introduce more moves, items and game mechanics. Shouldn't they be running out of ideas?

Probably not. The human imagination can generate thousands of pictures in an instant. Even if Pokemon has a certain 'style', they could still do a lot with that. A pre-evolution here, an evolution there. You could make some new Pokemon easily.

Point is, the people that say the '493 Pokemon is too many!' are just being lazy. 493 is a fine number, and once it gets to 800 people can be talking.

Monday, August 10, 2009


Pokemon Gold and Silver Versions were hailed for their plotline. Ever since then GameFreak has tried and failed to make a plot. Why? There are many reasons.

The most important driving force in a plot, in my opinion, is character. A character basically tells the story. The character influences the story with his or her personality. If a character were a very thoughtful and cautious person, they wouldn't be seen doing something rash on a day-to-day basis. Likewise, if a character was very rash, you wouldn't see them thinking about something without another character.

Characters interact with each other, and, throughout the story, progress in some way or another. This may be a new sense of purpose, knowledge or another driving force. Personalities change because of this, for the better or the worse.

A good driving plot also helps a lot. All these Pokemon games just have 'Bad guy want to steal Pokemon. Take over world. Save us. Go get badges. You win. The end.' What happened to bad guy character development? In Platinum they tried to give Cyrus a character, but only after the main plot happened. His grandfather, without directly citing names, says that he is sorry that he didn't help Cyrus in a time of need, and that Cyrus just cooped himself up in his basement. Is it just me, or are all these bad guys the same? "I don't care about Pokemon." "I didn't get enough hugs as a child." Time for a serious villain overhaul.

Maybe GameFreak has decided that six-year-olds can't comprehend storylines. I don't know about you, but I wouldn't have watched The Lion King over and over and over if I didn't get it. Maybe they just can't figure out a good storyline! What of the classic 'Dad captive. Save him. First you must get badges. Unlock door. Beat all the bad dudes. Yay.' There are so many good things you could do there! Little snippets of conversation with Dad would be good. Figuring out that Dad was figuring out something that could put away Team ----- for good. Team members fighting and mis-informing you. Come on! Get with the program!

GameFreak needs to kick it up a notch. If Pokemon is the thing that sells, why not make it better so it will sell more the next time? Simple logic. That isn't to say that I don't like GameFreak. Without GameFreak, I wouldn't have Pokemon, and that just wouldn't be any fun.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Pokemon: Team Edition

I, along with many fans, would love to play as the bad guy. Just once. Think about it.

You would go along, working your way up the ranks doing evil deeds. In my mind, there would be 'quality' and 'length' aspects of your evil deeds. The better quality of the deeds, the more 'points' you get towards a promotion. The longer it takes, the less points. When you reach a certain amount of points, you will be promoted once you talk to a higher-up member.

There would also be another set of 'points', these not being 'promotion' points, but sort of like a cash that goes along with it. It could be PokeDollar, I don't really care. It would be cooler if there was a scrip, though. You could buy new Pokemon and Items with this currency, sort of like the Lottery Corner. In fact, when you get PokeDollar, you could turn it in there for scrip.

As you work your way up, the deeds become more like jobs and have increasing difficulty and magnitude. So, say you started out as a Grunt with a Team who wanted to take over the Elite Four. You would work on small things, say, gathering information from peoplle, and then report back. If your work is satisfactory, you will be promoted and will work on getting parts for a something-or-other. Then you will be promoted again. You will eventually have to battle each Gym Leader or something to get the Badges to power the something-or-other, just so Pokemon can have their fun with the storyline. But the something-or-other fails, and you will have to go in and defeat the Elite Four yourself. The jobs increase in difficulty, demanding stronger Pokemon.

The natural argument against this is "Isn't that a little harsh for Pokemon?" Not really. You could turn out to be a good guy acting the bad guy as a spy--little kids would gobble that up. Then the game would show truth, courage and justice, which is what parents want to teach their kids in a video game. And, as far as I'm concerned, there have been some pretty evil bad guys in Pokemon.

So, Pokemon: Team Whatever Edition is possible, but highly unlikely. Why? Because until sales plummet, Pokemon will still put out new games with the same basic stuff. And until they stop putting out games, I'll keep buying them.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

HeartGold and SoulSilver Versions

Since the dawn of, well, either the Johto Region or AdvancedGen, Pokemon fans everywhere have been waiting for a Gold and Silver remake. The call has been answered.

These games, called HeartGold and SoulSilver, scheduled for release on September 12, 2009 in Japan, will still focus largely on the original Second Generation games, but with a few DS-style additions. For example, the 'Poketch' in Diamond, Pearl and Platinum will be replaced with the returning 'PokeGear', quite similar to the Poketch.

Another DS-feature that will be included in this is the 'Amity Square' feature, a feature in which the desired Pokemon follows you around, similar, if not synonymous to the Pokemon Yellow feature in which Pikachu follows you around. To do this, you simply put the Pokemon of choice in the first slot, which will then follow you around everywhere you go. They will, like in Amity Square, find items and such. It is unknown if all Pokemon will be able to do this, as some Pokemon are not amphibious and cannot walk on land.

There is a 'PokeWalker', which is an external pedometer from the DS and will be used as a 'minigame' device. You can send Pokemon to the PokeWalker to gain experience points, find items, play minigames and battle Pokemon. This device will come with the purchase of a HeartGold and SoulSilver version.

But the 'remake' concept brings up an issue: what of the AdvanceGen games? With the DSi, these games will become obsolete, and thus prove unusable with the new DS games and later generations. Will they continue to make these remakes? If they do, they will leave out others that will become obsolete, such as FireRed and LeafGreen. They will have to re-remake these games, but that will break the cycle.

There is a solution that I came up with for dealing with this. Simply combine the games. RedRuby and BlueSapphire, for example. This would solve the problem, and make them able to keep going with other generations. However, this may take up too much space, and will have to wait for later consoles and cartridges for greater storing capacity. However, there may be a backlog of generations waiting to be made, causing for some serious problems.

All in all, I, along with true die-hard Pokemon fans are looking forward to this remake, but are wondering how they will fill this paradoxical hole.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Cloan on the Web

Cloan Club, originally started in a place unknown to the general public, has blossomed into a Forum here ( This has been host to some scientific discussion, Project Giga planning and general Pokemon and Nintendo discussion. From there it has yet to go from the 'Forum World' to the limits of the web. This ends now.

Starting now Cloan Club will be branching over into the relatively chaotic world of weblogging or 'blogging'. Starting now, Cloan Club will be launched into a new era of Cloan.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

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