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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Start of Game

As I have no ideas for the Team Fauna Suit Design*, I will get right to the start of game.

You have just been recruited for Team ----- and are about to be sent off to get a debriefing. However, just as you are going in the hall with your group, you hear a beeping from the wall. There is a bomb going off inside, and it explodes. You run for cover with another grunt, who will be your rival. You are told that you should run to the Pokemon storage area, a luscious area where this team's Pokemon are kept. You take a Pokemon, and your rival takes a different one. Just then, a two Rookie Agents come in to attack you and your rival and, in their minds, save the Pokemon from harm. (The Government has been feeding the public lies about the operations in Team -----, saying that the Pokemon are being tortured/mistreated.) You fight them off with your Pokemon, and are assigned to a different base afterwards.

Yeah, that's about it. What Pokemon? No idea. Something related to your team, I suppose. (eg. Fauna: Poochyena, Sentret, Bidoof?)

*Not entirely true--I feel like they should have hoods.

1 comment:

  1. Hoods like Team Magma?

    I think there should still be a type circle for the starters. Maybe Fauna's types could be: Fire - Ground - Ice? But there is only one Ice type line, Sneasel, and there are no Ground types... But maybe there should be Hippopotas.